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Why Kanopy Logistics?

Kanopy Logistics was founded by a best-in-class team of Operations, Technology, and Brand Management experts who together have decades of experience in full service, omni-channel fulfillment solutions with some of the world’s most renowned brands. From proprietary supply-chain technology that scales when you need it most, to transparency that gives you peace of mind knowing your distribution and fulfillment needs are being handled by the best in the business, Kanopy Logistics has you covered. 


Our Cloud/Mobile Enabled WMS provides full transparency


Light Directed Fulfillment Solutions and Robotic Arm Putwalls ensure scalability for peak volume

Plug and Play E-commerce

We provide native integration with the largest e-commerce platforms and marketplaces

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At Kanopy Logistics, we know the importance of speed, accuracy and presentation. We understand how to scale to meet increased demands during the most critical times for your business. Whether it is Black Friday or Cyber Monday, we can handle the peaks and increased volume, without sacrificing our service, accuracy and standards of excellence.

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Customer Support

At Kanopy Logistics, we believe that customer support means that our partners will have total visibility of their orders from the time they come in, until the time they go out. Our client portal provides 100% transparency to our customers, so that they see exactly what our fulfillment team sees in the warehouse day in and day out. Our client portal provides 100% transparency to our customers. We use a cloud based WMS System with all transactions executed on mobile devices, so that our customers see exactly what our fulfillment team sees in the warehouse day in and out. 

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The sheer volume of technology and IT support that Kanopy Logistics has invested in for our facilities rivals that of the biggest companies in the world, giving us the ability to scale up and never slow down.

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