Kanopy Logistics has partnered with two automation companies, allowing us to scale up our production as much as needed during peak times. Kanopy distribution centers are powered by VCO Systems’ proprietary Lighted Putwalls, Pick to Light, Put to Light and Pick/Put carts, giving us the ability to pick faster and in bigger quantities. We also have integrated Dorabot infrastructure throughout our facilities, which provides for faster robotic sorting with upstream batch picking.


Cloud Enterprise Integration Layer

Our custom VCO Systems’ integration layers allows us to bridge the gap between out of the box Solution Suites used by our Clients and Kanopy Logistics to make onboarding easier to our Fulfillment Platform. 

VCO Systems’ consulting, development, technology and support infrastructure drives digital transformation for our clients, and we bring that capability to all of our partners.


Light Directed Fulfillment Solutions

We have partnered with VCO Systems’ Light Directed Fulfillment Solutions for multiple process flows throughout our Operations. This technology allows easy onboarding of users using the Mobile platform so that we can scale to the throughput required by our Customers.

The Light Directed Technology has a high level of accuracy with the users following the lights to perform the pick/sort steps.

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Cluster/Discrete Order Picking

We pick discrete orders on VCO Systems’ Light Directed carts. We can pick 40 Orders (20 on each side) in one pass through the warehouse.

Once picked, the carts are dropped off at a Pack Station for Pack Completion, Pack Slip & Label printing and Shipping.

Batch Picking

For larger volumes, we are able to batch pick hundreds of Orders in one pass using our Light Directed Batch Pick Carts. This enables us to scale upto Peak Volumes seamlessly with limited labor and without compromising on accuracy.

The batch-picked inventory is then sorted into discrete Orders either using a Light Directed Putwall OR with a Robotic Arm Putwall with high throughput capabilities. After sortation, they are moved to a Pack Station for Pack Completion, Pack Slip & Label printing and Shipping.

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Our Light Directed Putwalls are used for sorting the batch-picked inventory into discrete orders for Shipping.

With the Putwall Cubbies being on Carts, there is no physical packout process for the sorted discrete Orders. Once sorting is complete, the Carts with the Orders can be moved to Pack Stations for Shipping.

Dorabot Robotic Arm Putwall

We have partnered with Dorabot for a Robotic Arm Putwall Sortation System which is used for sorting inventory at a high rate for Discrete Orders or for batches of Orders which have been batch-picked upstream.

Once the orders are sorted, the inventory is then packed out and sent to Pack Stations for Pack Completion, Pack Slip & Label printing and Shipping

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